Silent Appointments at Tribe

Jan 15, 2023

Take the stress out of coming to our salon with a silent appointment.

At Tribe, we’re all about keeping it real, and while lots of you love your salon trips, we know that a number of you find salon small talk and even walking into the salon intimidating and stressful.

Do you hate the thought of having to make small talk with your stylist? Now you can opt out of the small talk before your appointment.

Not everyone loves the “chat” that happens in salons. We have been speaking to people from every walk of life, and we were so disheartened to hear that many people avoid salons as the thought of making small talk fills them with dread.

We will only ask you what you would like us to do to your hair, but if even that’s too much, we can do that via the salon’s Facebook Messenger before your appointment. We’ll offer you a drink, then leave you to relax while we get on with making your hair look awesome.  Visiting our salon is about the whole experience, not just the quality of the hair service we provide.